Concrete Research Council

The mission of ACI Foundation’s Concrete Research Council (CRC) is to advance the knowledge and sustainable aspects of concrete materials, construction and structures by soliciting and selecting research proposals in coordination with the ACI technical committees where possible.

The Proposal/Funding Process

The Concrete Research Council (CRC) recently approved several modifications to its policy for awarding research funding. Previously limited to $10,000 per research project, the most-notable modification now allows funding of up to $50,000 per research project to achieve greater impact for the industry. The significant increase in funding was proposed during The Concrete Convention and Exposition hosted by the American Concrete Institute in Kansas City, MO, USA, April 12-16, 2015.

To best manage the distribution of funds, a new protocol is being developed by the CRC and includes the implementation of proposal due dates.

More information and submittal deadlines will be released in the coming months.

Research Needs as Identified by Industry and ACI Members

The ACI Foundation supports ACI’s vision of “…effectively meeting the needs of a changing world” by promoting the generation of ideas and research to provide new information

The Concrete Research Council encourages the concrete industry to bring forth research needs that will benefit the concrete industry. The Concrete Research Council is mindful of the needs of ACI committees, and submitted proposals must include an ACI Committee endorsement.

Research ideas should be submitted online to the Concrete Research Network Website.

Questions and comments should be directed to the ACI Foundation Director, Ann Daugherty.

CRC Voting Members Work Page

CRC Awards Committee Work Page

Announcing the Concrete Research Network (CRN), a forum that connects concrete industry entities – funders, researchers and users – for increased collaboration on research projects. The Concrete Research Council manages the CRN website.

To learn more about the CRN, the Concrete Research Council and how ACI participates in the CRN, read the Concrete International article.”

Ann Daugherty
Charles Pankow research project

Batching and placing concrete for blocks used in research project User’s Guide to Green Concrete in Building Construction. Five-cubic-yard batches were prepared for six different mixtures. Each batch produced three 30x30x60-in. blocks cured in three different ways and cylinders used for lab and field testing at varying ages. Photo credit to Central Concrete Supply.

Major Funder: Charles Pankow Foundation

Minor Co-funder: ACI Foundation