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Announcing the Concrete Research Network (CRN), a forum that connects concrete industry entities – funders, researchers and users – for increased collaboration on research projects. The Concrete Research Council manages the CRN website.

To learn more about the CRN, the Concrete Research Council and how ACI participates in the CRN, read the Concrete International article.”

Ann Daugherty

The mission of ACI Foundation’s Concrete Research Council (CRC) is to advance the knowledge and sustainable aspects of concrete materials, construction and structures by soliciting and selecting research proposals, assisting in financing them, guiding the research and publishing the results, in coordination with the ACI technical committees where possible.

The Concrete Research Council was formed in 2002 by merging the Concrete Materials Research Council (CMRC) operating under the American Concrete Institute’s Foundation and the Reinforced Concrete Research Council (RCRC). The CMRC was focused on research related to materials. RCRC was a council that operated for many years under the auspices of the American Society of Civil Engineers and who had a long and distinguished history of research which formed the basis of many changes to the ACI 318 Building Code.


Currently, the group consist of 29 individual members, appointed by the CRC chair and approved by the ACI Foundation. Members are selected to represent the broad interests of the ACI membership.

Industry associations or foundations that have a strong interest in advancing the knowledge of concrete materials, construction and structures may be interested in a strategic partnership with ACI Foundation, formalized by a Memorandum of Agreement. A partnering member designates an individual to serve as its representative on the CRC.

Task committees, consisting of two or more members, are appointed by the chair to review and evaluate proposals for research projects, to guide or monitor research projects sponsored by the Council, or to review reports resulting from the projects. The chair of each task committee and one other member must be members of the Council, but other members are not required to be members of the Council.

The Proposal/Funding Process

CRC solicits and encourages research proposals from ACI members, particularly young researchers who are beginning their careers.

In nearly all cases, CRC provides only limited funding, $10,000, that is intended to be seed money to complement and encourage additional funding from agencies or organizations. Acceptance of the research proposal by CRC, even with limited funding, serves as a “highly regarded” endorsement by CRC that carries considerable weight with funding agencies. CRC will make the commitment of funding contingent on funding of the larger proposal. CRC often co-funds with other industry entities and CRC partners.

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Each proposal is assigned to a task committee for review. The task committee chair reports the recommendations of the committee to the Council. If favorable, the Council then votes on the proposal.

Principal investigators who are awarded funding are asked to provide a status report in writing prior to and/or by oral presentation at the meeting of the Council at both the fall and spring ACI Conventions and a final written report at the conclusion of the project. The investigators are strongly encouraged to publish their findings in an appropriate ACI publication or to present their findings at an ACI Convention.

Research Needs as Identified by ACI Members

As part of its mission to promote research, CRC notifies the ACI technical and educational committee chairs of the role of CRC and requests that committees encourage their members to submit proposals that will benefit the mission of their committees. CRC is mindful of the needs of ACI committees, and submitted proposals must include an ACI Committee endorsement.

ACI’s tagline “Always advancing” depends on the generation of ideas and research to provide new information. CRC’s role is to provide the impetus for developing the knowledge that will advance our industry.

Questions and comments should be directed to the CRC Staff Liaison, Ann Daugherty.

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