Concrete Research Council

Annual RFP Now Open

The Proposal/Funding Process

The ACI Foundation’s Concrete Research Council (CRC) seeks to advance the concrete industry through the funding of concrete research projects that further the knowledge and sustainability of concrete materials, construction, and structures. As of August 10, CRC is currently requesting proposals for grant funding:

  • Topics are encouraged from all areas of concrete research;
  • CRC will fund up to two research projects for the 2017 cycle;
  • Maximum CRC funding is $50,000 per project;
  • A letter of support of the research concept by an ACI Technical Committee is required;
  • An individual researcher can serve as the principal investigator on only one proposal submitted;
  • Industry partnering and project cost sharing are encouraged;
  • CRC issues gift grants and stipulates that funds are not subject to overhead charges (indirect costs). Noncompliant proposals in this regard will be returned without review;
  • Principal investigators shall follow the published CRC Grant Proposal Guide;
  • Proposal submissions are due on or before December 1, 2016. Proposals submitted after the due date will be returned without review; and
  • Selection of awarded projects and notification to principal investigators will be made shortly after The ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition – Spring 2017.

Research proposals should be submitted to Ann Daugherty, Director, ACI Foundation, at Submit the entire package in a single PDF. Separate letters of support or other supporting information will not be accepted. Current information and more detailed proposal requirements are available at

CRC Grant Proposal Guide.pdf

ACI Committee Support.pdf

CRC FAQ 2016.pdf

2016 Awarded Research Projects

The ACI Foundation’s steadfast commitment to progress, innovation, and collaboration within the concrete industry led to the decision to provide grants to four projects this year. The quality of the research proposal submissions to CRC was outstanding and showed significant support from ACI technical committees and the concrete industry and also included cost sharing from universities at various levels. Additional Information about each project can be found by clicking the link below.

Research Projects


Advance the knowledge and sustainable aspects of concrete materials, construction and structures by soliciting and selecting research proposals in coordination with the ACI technical committees where possible.

Research Needs as Identified by Industry and ACI Members

The ACI Foundation supports ACI’s vision of “…effectively meeting the needs of a changing world” by promoting the generation of ideas and research to provide new information.

The Concrete Research Council encourages the concrete industry to bring forth research needs that will benefit the concrete industry. The Concrete Research Council is mindful of the needs of ACI committees, and submitted proposals must include an ACI Committee endorsement.

Research ideas should be submitted online to the Concrete Research Network website.

Charles Pankow research project

Batching and placing concrete for blocks used in research project User’s Guide to Green Concrete in Building Construction. Five-cubic-yard batches were prepared for six different mixtures. Each batch produced three 30x30x60-in. blocks cured in three different ways and cylinders used for lab and field testing at varying ages. Photo credit to Central Concrete Supply.

Major Funder: Charles Pankow Foundation

Minor Co-funder: ACI Foundation

Questions and comments should be directed to the ACI Foundation Director, Ann Daugherty.

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